The Gold Standard.

Example #1.

Client Service Excellence.

Clients can call or chat online directly with a knowledgeable Homecourt representative during business hours.  Clients never need to "submit a ticket" or visit a "knowledge center" in order to get assistance.

Example #2.

The Latest Technology.

The search engine environment is fluid.  Google and others are constantly changing the parameters that lead to a quality search ranking position.  Homecourt is just as fluid as the search engine environment.  We routinely update our scripts and algorithms to stay in sync with search engine demands.

Example #3.

We Do Most Of The Work For You.

We realize you have a business to run.  You certainly do not have the time to run a business and perform the laborious work of a web developer as well.  Homecourt does most of the work to keep your site relevant and competitive, so you can focus on running your business.

Example #4.

Updating Content.

Search engines love websites that periodically display new content.  New content suggests that behind the site is a company that is engaged with the community.  Homecourt periodically updates your site with new content.  In addition, we notify the major search engines that your site has been updated.

Example #5.

Sites Are Optimized For Voice Search.

All Homecourt sites include "long-tail keywords" and other coding specifics to make them ideally compatible with voice activated platforms. (Siri, Alexa, and more.)

Example #6.

Webp Image Format.

WebP is an emerging image format developed by Google.  The resulting image is indistinguishable from a JPG or PNG image, but the file size is much smaller.  It makes for a faster loading website - which give our sites a ranking advantage.  Very few website companies utilize the Webp image format, because it is not yet compatible with all browsers.  Homecourt works around this by scripting our sites to serve the faster loading Webp images to browsers that recognize the new format, while serving the slower traditional JPG image files to browsers that don't.

Example #7.

No Bloated Scripts Or Plugins.

Many websites are dependent upon enormous scripts and plugins.  These scripts and plugins dramatically increase the time it takes for the site to load.  A quick loading site is a key ranking criterion for Google and other search platforms.  We get that.  It is why we do not utilize plugins, and our scripts are stripped down to the minimums needed to quickly load our sites.

Example #8.

Prioritized For Mobile.

Google has committed to ranking sites that are prioritized for mobile browsers (i-phone, android), above sites that are not.  All Homecourt sites are prioritized for mobile devices.

Example #9.

SSL Secure.

All search engines are ranking sites that SSL secure above sites that are not.  All Homecourt sites are SSL secure.  When consumers visit a Homecourt site, the padlock icon will reassuringly appear in the address bar.

Example #10.


No two businesses are alike.  So why should your website be exactly the same as competitors?  We offer personalized customization of your site to address the uniqueness of your business, at no additional charge.  Do you offer a unique product?  Need to add an image?  Do you have an important video that you wish to share with prospects?  Just give us a call.

Example #11.


You will not find this remarkable advantage anywhere.  Unless you are willing to pay over $1000.00 or more per month, a website company that will add articles to your website is an insane impossibility.  Yet that is exactly what we do!  One of the secrets of search engine optimization is that search engines respond to almost all consumer queries by returning an article on the subject.  Other than a paid ad, articles are the best way to establish a permanent ranking presence on Google and others.  Large online entities have utilized this concept for years.  It's included at no additional charge with Homecourt.
To be continued . . .
This is an expanding list that is far from complete.  Stop by again to learn more on what Homecourt excellence is all about.