Online Squatters Are Taking Top Search Positions Designated For You.

High ranking positions on Google, Bing and other search platforms are a highly coveted prize.  Fortunately, search engines like Google, and voice search platforms such as Siri, have committed to matching local consumers with local businesses.  What is not so fortunate however, is the fact that E-Healthinsurance, UHC and other national insurance companies continue to occupy these top organic spots.

If you run a local search for health insurance, more times than not, you will see results pop up that are not local at all.  Rather than a local businesses, you will likely see giant insurance entities masquerading as local businesses.  They dominate the top positions and end up bagging most of the local online traffic - your traffic.

Large companies know online shopping is here to stay, and consequently search queries coming from phones or voice activated platforms is now big business.  Their intent is to hold top ranking positions, and grab all the local online consumer traffic they can - traffic that would otherwise be captured by local businesses in the region.

A Homecourt site can win the local traffic and more.

A great search engine ranking that will allow consumers to find and connect with your business, is there for the taking.  There is now an unprecedented opportunity for your business to occupy high positions within local search queries.  However, the "old guard" has no intention of simply handing these spots over.  You have to take them.

The Homecourt website platform is designed to earn top spots.

Your Homecourt platform operates like a beacon, drawing the attention of search engines like Google, by being the exact type of website they are looking to display.  Bucking recent trends, Homecourt sites are ridiculously lightweight, fast, and primed for mobile devices.  We even go as far as to incorporate the very same lightweight image technology that was developed by Google for their own web systems.

We add ongoing content to your site.

Incredibly, your Homecourt site features new, continuingly updating content.  Why do we do this?  Because search engine platforms more than like new updating content - they love it.  Updating content is considered by search engines to be an indicator of a company that is well engaged with the community it serves.  It is one of the most important ranking criteria there is.

Over time, a Homecourt site can supplant sites that have been around for years or more.  Within local markets, even giants like Ehealthinsurance and UHC have to reckon with an active Homecourt site.  With a Homecourt site, you can begin to take the voice and search engine ranking positions that are rightfully yours.

How you can help.

Before Google will replace an older established website with yours, within a search query, a clear pattern of site superiority must be established.  You can help in this regard by using your panel to post new content to your site every few weeks or so.  Your Homecourt back office panel features a "blog" section that make it super easy for you to do this.  Also make certain the FAQs on your site are filled out - replete with local business oriented questions and responses.