Did you notice your website changed?  Google did.

Regularly updating content is perhaps the most important criteria for a high-ranking website within a Google or Bing consumer search.  Your Homecourt website automatically adds and/or updates your website content.  Both Google and Bing know it.  How?  The scripting within your Homecourt website instructs Google and Bing auto-bots to return to your site regularly to categorize new content.  When the bots investigate your site, they will regularly find updated additional information, or updated health insurance tips, or perhaps a new article.

Rest assured, 99.9% of your online website competition is not regularly submitting new content.  This is one of the reasons why your Homecourt site's credibility and reputation within Google and Bing search platforms always trends upward.  Your site is always search engine competitive and on a relentless trajectory to the top ranking positions, often leaping pass hundreds of sites and articles that have been around much longer.

Google is the new phonebook.

Remember that giant yellow book we all relied on to find the services or products we needed?  Google, Bing and Siri searches are the phonebook of today.  And like that old phonebook, if you are not listed under the products you offer, you are suffering a major competitive disadvantage.  Unlike any other website platform, your Homecourt site aggressively competes for search engine phrase ranking, getting your business into the search engine game.

There are things you can do to help.  Blogging, FAQs, Google my Business, Bing Business, Facebook business page and more, are all things you can have a hand in, that can greatly improve your search engine reputation.

Questions?  Give us a ring!